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Are You Scared To See A Chiropractic Physician?

You have had stiffness for years. You have occasional flare-ups that are getting more severe and lasting longer.  You have been thinking lately, that if you feel THIS bad now, where will you be in 5 years?

You have already been to your family doctor and you have been taking medication, which does numb the pain, most of the time, but the side side effects seem to be getting worse, and you are so tired of having to take the pain medication

You have even asked your family doctor about chiropractic care, but they tell you things like, SOME people have gotten some help for a while, but we really do not recommend it. 

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Dr. Robert B. Sheely has practiced in the Middletown area for over 40 years. He loves what he gets to do everyday and has no desire or plans to retire.  He feels that it was part of his purpose in life to become a Chiropractic Physician.   He is located at 1002 N. University Blvd, Middletown Ohio 45042  513-217-7035  www.sheelychiro.com